New York Paper Document Shredding Services

Customized, thorough, and consistent.

The service you need will completely depend on your facility, your priorities, and the type of documents you want to dispose of.


Scheduled Services

We provide the best service and highest standards when it comes to regular document destruction. Whether you need our services daily, weekly, or monthly, we can set up a routine schedule ensuring that confidential information is kept safe and secure.

We provide you with secure, locked containers to collect your sensitive documents. At the appointed time, we’ll access the container and shred all of the documents inside either onsite with our mobile trucks or back at our facility depending on which secure service you choose.

On Call Services

Even if you don’t need a regular shredding service, every company needs to get rid of paperwork/records once in a while. Whether you're cleaning out a storage area or purging office records after they expire, we'll be on hand to help you reclaim that space and get rid of all that paper.

Just make an appointment for our drivers to pick up your unwanted information, and we’ll haul it off-site for shredding, or destroy it on site. 


Mobile On-Site Shredding

Mobile shredding is the process of bringing a shredding truck to your location where you have the ability to witness the destruction process. Each New York shredding services truck is equipped with a monitor and camera so you can view the shredding process from the curb side.

Off-Site Shredding

Offsite shredding is the process of removing your documents offsite and performing the shredding at our facility.

We will load your confidential documents into the truck and bring to our secure facility where all material will be destroyed within 48 hours.


Our Commitment

We value security, confidentiality, and customer care.



Whether you are a regular customer or a one-time customer, we'll do everything we can to meet your needs.



We take document security very seriously. We ensure complete compliance with HIPAA, EEA, FACTA, and GLBA standards.



When we commit to showing up, we show up. We show up on time, completely prepared, every time. 

It's time to declutter.
Let us do it for you.

Trust your paper waste removal to a company who makes recycling easy on you.

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