Financial Record Shredding: Keeping Private Information Safe

Many CPAs, attorneys and accounting professionals find themselves in the unenviable position of being responsible for their clients’ financial records. Shredding these documents is an important part of maintaining a secure office; New York Shredding Document Destruction, Inc. can make sure your client’s sensitive financial information is properly and safely disposed of.

Accounting professionals are bound by the strictures of the Financial Modernization Act of 1999 – better known as the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act, or GLB. This law demands that attorneys and CPAs perform due diligence in their search for a quality financial record shredding firm, and that they give written permission to the firm to remove documents containing non-public information (NPI) for the sole purpose of shredding. We make this process simple, by supplying the name and address of our insurance agent (who will verify that we’ve never had a suit filed against us for any financial record shredding-related wrongdoing – or any wrongdoing, for that matter). We’ve also got a sample “permission slip” <a href=>available on our Web site</a>.

But how can you be sure your financial record shredding will be executed competently and efficiently?

That’s easy: Our <a href=>clients</a> think so. We’ve got a 98 percent rate of return, and not a single claim of employee dishonesty or any other wrongdoing in our eleven-year history. It’s document destruction done right.

But if that’s not enough, just take a look at our financial record shredding process: First, we’ll come to your site. We can either shred your financial documents on-site, or bring them back to our location to be shredded. Should you choose on-site mobile document shredding, you can watch our shredding-and-bailing unit eat through your paper financial records, shredding everything in sight – paper clips, staples, binder clips and file folders included. At the end of the process, you’ll be given a video recording of the whole financial record shredding process.

If you prefer, we can haul your documents off-site, back to our office in New Jersey – either once or on a regular basis. Our in-house shredder can shred two and a half tons of material every hour – and our facility works sixteen hours a day, six days a week. You can even visit our facility to watch the process.

Choose New York Shredding Document Destruction, Inc. for your financial record shredding needs. It’s easy – go to our <a href=>price quote page</a>, and we’ll get started right away.

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