Paper Shredding On site

Sometimes, you don’t want to send your sensitive documents away to be shredded. Sometimes, shredding paper on-site is the best solution for your business.

Why? After all, sending your documents out for shredding off-site allows you to just forget about them. The best shredding firms will offer a video recording of the entire document destruction process, from start to finish. They’ll also offer a certificate of destruction, and a personal, legal and confidential guarantee that all sensitive documents have been destroyed in accordance with whatever federal or state laws govern their destruction. So why would keep the whole process on-site?

You’d be surprised – plenty of document destruction clients look for firms who’ll use a shredding truck to do the job right at their back door. Here are just a few of the reasons they offer:

Paper Shredding on site gives peace of mind. When your document destruction firm is doing the job right in front of you, it offers a measure of security that can’t be defined in words. The firm you hire might be the most trustworthy in the world, but sometimes you just need to watch the entire process to set your mind at ease. Asking your firm to bring their mobile document shredding vehicle to your site provides this reassurance.

Shredding paper on-site allows last-minute add-ons. If there’s a truck right outside the building, it’s simple to run a pile of last-minute documents to the shredder. You could even schedule a “document destruction day” at your workplace, when everyone gathers all their sensitive paperwork and hauls it out to the shredder.

Shredding paper on-site gives direct access to staff. It’s useful to have access to staff members with the answers to your questions. During a mobile document shredding event, the staff is present the whole day.

Paper Shredding on site might be required by laws or regulations. Whether it’s due to a local regulation or the policy, sometimes sensitive documents can’t leave the building. At times like this, it’s helpful to be able to hire a shredding company that’ll come to you.

Shredding paper on-site is fun. Who doesn’t love a giant truck with a paper shredder in it? Watch the paper turn to confetti! Watch file folders disappear before your eyes! Watch paper clips and rubber bands devoured by a giant mechanical beast! Bring your lunch outside and watch the show!

Sending documents away to be destroyed has its benefits: There’s no noisy shredding going on in the office, and it’s one less thing for you to have to worry about. But there’s a certain charm to shredding on-site that just can’t be expressed.

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