Document Destruction New York

Sometimes document shredding is a simple process: Dump your old paperwork into a bin, where it’ll sit until the pros at Document Destruction New York Shredding pick it up. From there, they take the bin to their shredding location, or sometimes to their mobile document shredding unit. It’s that easy.

But often, professionals needing the services of a good document shredding firm find themselves bound by the strictures of state and federal privacy laws aimed at protecting their clients’ sensitive records from prying eyes.

At New York Shredding, we know the law. And we’re prepared to help you eliminate your clients’ non-public information with speed and diligent attention to secrecy. We know that document shredding is a delicate matter.

Different disciplines are bound by different laws regarding document destruction.

Medical record shredding is bound by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which protects the privacy of medical records. Under HIPAA, medical professionals and insurance companies must exert due diligence in finding a shredding firm, and give that firm written permission to shred sensitive information. Accurate simplifies the due diligence aspect of the law by providing contact information for our insurance claims representative (under the first of our FAQ). We also provide a sample Business Associates’ Agreement, which satisfies HIPAA’s “written permission” aspect.

Financial record shredding is bound by the Financial Modernization Act of 1999 – better known as the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act, or simply GLB. As it pertains to document destruction, this law is similar to HIPAA, in that it demands due diligence and written permission when seeking a financial record shredding firm. Thus, our approach here is identical to our approach to HIPAA: We provide contact information for our insurance rep, and a sample Business Associate’s Agreement.

New York Shredding concern for your clients’ privacy extends to Legal document destruction as well. Lawyers who handle their clients’ financial arrangements are also bound by GLB; any attorney specializing in real estate closings, financial planning or estate planning is affected.

New York Shredding handles financial and medical record shredding in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New York, and New Jersey.

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